Love a Spider

There are spiders just about everywhere you look this time of year. Their gossamer fills the air and delights the eye -- but it also aggravates the face :) I couldn't get a picture of the silk floating by so I settled for a couple of shots of one of my favorite spiders.

A marbled orb-weaver, Araneus marmoreus, tucked away in her maple leaf shelter.

Another weaver, hard at work repairing her web.


Jim said...

That is a beautiful spider, and a great photo too.

My friends have often been quite perturbed with me because of my appreciation for spiders, orb weavers in particular.

Back in my Topanga Canyon days one maintained a fine looking symmetrical web just outside my front door where it was attractively backlit at night by the porchlight (I still have 35 year-old photos of it somewhere).

I was very protective of the web, always guiding visitors around it and defending my web-weaving neighbor from the humans desire to squish it!

Here in Big Bear many fine spiders abound too and I'm always careful to respect their space.

Some of my friends think I'm quite odd.

Imagine that!

Thanks for the nice spider pic, and the caterpiller is very photogenic too...

Jim said...


When I was a kid my mom made me move down into the dirt floored basement because of my pet tarantulas and snakes.

I just don't understand some people. ;~)

Anvilcloud said...

Do you ever tire of hearing me say, "Wow!"?

cookie jill said...

That "baby's" got "BACK"!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Great Spider Shot!!!

I don't understand Jim's mother either....