November Cat

Imperial moth caterpillar - Eacles imperialis. This cat was about 3 inches (~8 cm) long and quite plump. Before long it should be headed to an underground cell to spend the winter as a pupa.

Now that's a face with personality


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Now that's a personality I wouldn't want to face!

Floridacracker said...

Do you get the Hickory Horned Devil up there? Now that is a 'pillar!

Great shot as usual!

SquirrleyMojo said...

Fantastic picture!

Campus was stunning today. Absolutely stunning. Golden leaves dropping on every path; the huge sycamores bearing gold overhead still. Thunder & rain made for a warm delicious smell. At 4:30 the sun's rays hit at such a perfect angle that I longed for a camera . . .

I would have loved to have shared that moment with you swampy.

cookie jill said...

"personality" isn't the word I would use with this "face"


Ontario Wanderer said...

Great Caterpillar shot! The only caterpillar I've seen lately is the Woolly Bear and I have no photos. Hummm. I wonder why I have seen so many Woolly Bears in my life and so few of the Isabella Tiger Moths that they morph into. Perhaps I am just not looking hard enough?

swamp4me said...

Don't worry, Bloggy, this cat won't hurt you. Those horns are just for show.

FC, we do have devils here. And you're right, they are very impressive. We don't see them very often though.

SQ, you described your campus so beautifully your words created a picture. You didn't even need a camera.

Now Cookie Jill, you know that's a pretty face ;)

OW, I feel the same way about polyphemus moths. I find tons of cocoons but seldom ever see the adult moth.

Jim said...

Looks like me in the morning before I brush whats left of my hair & have my first cup of coffee!