Another Year

I'm 49 years old today. That means I have begun my 50th year on this earth. So far, so good :)
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Cathy said...

Oh Swampy! Happy Birthday! I'm so glad I took a break from my busy-work to check on my blogging buddies. If I type real fast I get to be the first to send you a hug and a smile for your birthday. Are those forget-me-nots? Awwwww.

(I don't believe this - my word verification is 'oyulkymy'- I read that as: oh you like me. Har! Just call me Sally Field)

woverman said...


pablo said...

This is a happy way to begin my day. Congratulations on making it so far (they said it wouldn't happen!).

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

swamp4me said...

Thanks! The little flowers are bluets - one of my favorite signs of spring.

Hey Woverman! I'm old...how are you ;)

Yep, I fooled 'em all.

Thanks for the birthday wish.

Cindy Lee said...

Happy birhday and many more

woverman said...

You're not THAT old... not prehistoric anyway :-P

I'm good though. School is good even though I'm having to actually apply dreaded Physics (who would've thought that could ever happen)! Spring Break is soon... no big plans of course.

I forgot to tell you I got a Far Side page-a-day for Christmas. Ah, the memories!

Floridacracker said...


Have a great one!

swamp4me said...

Cindy Lee,
Thanks! I'll do my best on the "many more" part :)

Just remember: Physics is phun!!

What can we say? 1958 was apparently a very good year ;)

woverman said...

Physics really isn't that bad now that all of it I used is applied... and it helps that I try harder now too I guess. It should've all been applied to construction back "in the beginning"!

Kentucky Brat said...

Happy Birthday! yeah I know, late as usual. sorry!

Wishing you a wonderful year to go with such a special day!

pissed off patricia said...

Happy belated Birthday. I hope your special day was as pretty as the picture of the tiny flowers.

By the way, any cake or ice cream left over? :)

chaindropz said...

I think I posted some pictures of the little blue flowers on my blog.
I have some red and purple that are very small but when I took a micro shot I was suprised how good the little flowers looks.