Bridge, Again

Another picture from the west bank of the canal (i.e., the swamp side). The bridge stays in this open position most of the time so as not to impede boat traffic. I had to hustle yesterday to get the bridge open when a Coast Guard boat suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They were on some sort of mission and were moving down the canal at a pretty good clip. One does not want to interfere with the Coast Guard when they are working, don't you know.
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Rurality said...

I had a big fear of drawbridges as a child. I just knew they would open when I was on them! This one is not TOO scary I guess. :)

swamp4me said...

Nope, this one is not too scary. Plus, we are very particular about its operation - there are gates on each end to keep people off until we are ready for them to cross (well, hopefully they will stay off...)

Floridacracker said...

I love the Coasties. Big regret of mine is that I did not join the Coastguard reserve when I was schoolin' in Pensacola.
Where's that time machine??

Cathy said...

You certainly have an interesting life. I closed the garage door on the open tailgate of my van once. That's what passes for excitement in my neck of the woods.

swamp4me said...

If you find that time machine let me know. There aren't too many things I would change in my life but there are a couple of opportunities I didn't take advantage of when I was young and foolish :)

Hehe, I don't know how interesting others would find my life but I like it. I can do without too many adventures down at the bridge though. Seeing the Coast Guard racing toward the bridge was kind of like being in a railroad crossing and seeing the light of the locomotive zooming toward me. ;)