Gone Walking

Treebeard is off to his week of in-service refresher training tomorrow, so he and I are going walking for a while this morning. If we see anything interesting we'll let you know.

By the way, the tracks above were made by white-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis). Lately there have been hordes of them on the roads at the work swamp.
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And we're back. We showed great restraint and only walked about four miles...

Our ramblings yielded a variety of rewards. Here is a collage of a few things we saw this morning. Left to right, top to bottom: someone's building a home in a maple tree, mosquito fern on ice, cattail seeds, a dandelion in bloom, a hardy diving beetle swimming around under the ice, evidence of a raccoon who forgot to wipe his feet, a whopping big bunch of mistletoe on a skinny tree, dogbane seeds waiting for a breeze, and the muddy evidence of how flexible that raccoon's hind foot was.
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Cathy said...

Houston . . hmmm - the collage isn't coming up and I really want to see it as it sounds so Springy.

I posted a picture of scat today - hope you'll drop by to admire it and give an opinion.

pablo said...

Yep, I'm missing the colllage too. But I'll come back.