Sing A Song Of Summer

It's hot, it's humid...it's August in the swamp. At night the katydids crank up and all day long the different kinds of cicada drone on. Definite songs of summer. I am not sure what species of cicada this is, but that doesn't really matter. Folks around here just call 'em all "King criers" and let it go at that.
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Cathy said...

Now isn't that something. Call it coincidence, but I'd not dropped in on you in a while and something said 'gooooo to Swampy's Blog' ( to be said with a wraith-like warble)

I drove around yesterday evening through rural roads and suburban neighborhoods just to hear all the wonderful sounds.

I've got katydids in the backyard. Deep summer. Love it.

SquirrleyMojo said...

I painted a swamp last night and thought of you; didn't make it to NC this year and we missed it terribly.

hope all is well

swamp4me said...

I'm glad your warbling wraith nudged you in my direction ;) I enjoy the songs of insects. There is supposed to be an Insect Concerto CD out there somewhere with high quality recordings of natural night sounds...may have to track that down.

Sorry you didn't make it down this summer. It's been hot and sunny -- perfect beach weather. I was down on the Outer Banks today for work but I didn't even get a peek at the ocean :(

pablo said...

They were buzzing like crazy out at my woods last weekend. Sure is a sound of summer.