Fuzzy, Was He?

Sorry for the grainy image. I was a pretty good distance from this bear. He was grazing on grass and swatting at yellow flies. It was a lot of fun just to sit and watch him - I was downwind so I was able to watch him for a while before he figured out he had company.
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But, black bears are curious creatures and once he figured out I was there, he took off. It's really amazing how quickly a bear can move.
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Lynne said...

Though I know better, he looks quite teddy bearish.

pablo said...

Cool, cool, cool

Cathy said...

Great pictures - fuzzy or not. How neat. It looks young?

swamp4me said...

You would have thought him even more teddy-bearish if I had posted the picture of him rubbing his face :) It was just way too fuzzy to really see any detail.

I love bears. I was lucky enough to see three within an hour the day I took these pictures. The wind was in my favor each time so I was able to watch each of them for several minutes.

If I had to take a guess, I would say this bear was about two years old.