What's In A Name?

Just a quick note of only trivial interest...

My real first name is a little unusual and I seldom see it in print. Today, while checking my site meter, I was startled to see my name listed in the column that tells me the location of my visitors. You see, I share my name with a city in Italy. Of course, my Italian visitor had no idea that this was the case since I have chosen not to reveal my real name. See, I told you it was trivial...but I got a kick out of it ;)


Ontario Wanderer said...

You mean your name is not "Swamp4Me"?

pablo said...

This post is just a big tease. Now I'm going to be wondering what your name might be.

My daughter just spent a month in northern Italy. I'll have to quiz her on the possibilities. Domodossola, perhaps?

swamp4me said...

swamp4me is my middle name... ;)

I'll give you a region: Toscana
That'll narrow it down a little for you :)

Cathy said...

It starts with 'S' right?

swamp4me said...

My lips are sealed... ;)

woverman said...


I rode by your home pond the other day to see the bridge work going on and thought about you.(The crowd building that bridge is a freaking joke!)

Hope you are doing well... talk to you later!

swamp4me said...

Hey Woverman!!! Yes, the bridge construction has been, shall we say, interesting. You should have been here the day the alligator decided to visit the work site :) We have enjoyed having the road closed - nice and quiet.

Things are going well here - we are getting ready to build a house! Email me and let me know what's going on in your life.