Odds and Ends From Sunday's Walk

Treebeard and I went for a ramble Sunday morning. We had no particular destination in mind and just wandered here and there within a five mile radius of the house. The collage above reflects a few of the things we saw. Click on it to see the images in greater detail.
Left to right, top to bottom:
a freshly emerged cicada, not sure which species
some sort of fungus that I should be able to ID, but can't
Ringless honey mushroom, Armillariella mellea
a lycosid spider
groundnut, Apios americana, this one is edible
hairy hydrolea, Hydrolea quadrivalvis, armed with spines
water loosestrife, Decodon verticillatus
immature seed pod of heart's-a-bustin' or strawberry bush, Euonymus americanus
Ruellia caroliniensis
Monarch, Danaus plexippus
mistflower, Eupatorium coelestinum
horse mint, Monarda punctata
feather from a northern flicker (yellow-shafted form), Colaptes auratus
Elephant's-foot, Elephantopus carolinianus
another un-IDed fungus
fluffy feather, most likely from a red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis
If you're a whiz with fungi feel free to leave an ID in the comments!!
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Anonymous said...

Not a clue on the fungi, but I love the photos. Especially the feathers.

swamp4me said...

The fungi are a challenge...I need to find a pet mycologist ;) Lots of feathers out and around these days - everybody's busy molting I guess.

Cathy said...

Very lovely collage, Swampy.

I'm pretty sure the fungus is Armillaria melea - Honey Mushroom.

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful collage. The colors are so rich ... post rain walk?

I love good ol horsemint.

Cathy said...

A question: have you eaten the ground nut?

LauraO said...

Very cool post, and great pictures. Thanks for ID-ing, too.

swamp4me said...

It was a slightly overcast day, but alas, no rain. Horsemint is kinda cool. I like it, too.

I have never eaten any ground nut. I'll have to try some one of these days.

Thanks :)

swamp4me said...

I forgot to thank you for the mushroom ID. My bad! Thanks.