Road Trip

Work took me to another state park this week. On Tuesday Treebeard and I helped out with Native American Week at Pettigrew State Park. I manned a station on animals hunted by Native Americans and Treebeard manned one on projectiles. He had fun showing the kids how to use an atlatl and then letting them take a go at it. He also had a good time showing them how bows and arrows were made.

One of the features of Pettigrew is Lake Phelps, a large, shallow lake fed by rainwater. It covers an impressive area: over 16,000 acres. This shot was taken from the boat ramp at the park. When our kids were little we used to bring our canoe to this lake and spend the day exploring. Clear shallow water and a sandy bottom made it a perfect playground. We would get out of the canoe and pull it along behind us. If anyone got tired, the canoe was there to provide a nice resting spot.

If you'd like more information about Pettigrew, pop over to www.ncsparks.net and click on the Visit a park link to the left.
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beautiful view!