Threat Assessment - OLF

We got some unexpected and unwelcome news last week. The Navy has us in its sights as a possible location for an outlying landing field where F18 Super Hornets would make nighttime touch and go landings. Two possible sites have been earmarked, both alarmingly close to the home swamp. Two more sites have been identified in the county where I work - one just across the road from the work swamp as a matter of fact.

The news is disheartening, but we will not go down without a fight. If you value two of the last quiet, natural spaces left to us then please keep us in your thoughts and support us if you can. For more information, email me using the link in the sidebar.


Paul said...

Sorry to hear the news. I hope some other site is selected. Actually, I hope no site is selected. We have more than enough land lost to the military.

Kevin said...

That's not good news at all. I live in your swamp vicariously, via your blog! Best of luck on this.

swamp4me said...

Someone somewhere is going to get stuck with this field. I hate to wish it on anyone, but I'm afraid it would just about do our county in economically.

Thanks for the support. We are attending a special meeting of the county commissioners tonight. I hope we hear something encouraging.

Melody said...

Good luck with this. I am not comletely in the know about this, only reading news here and there, but it seems I recall there are places that would like an OLF. Cherry Point for one. Why does the Navy want to clear cut and damage an already fragile enviroment when on the other hand they close down bases? Why did the Navy allow Virginia Beach to develop so close to Oceania? These are questions I ask myself and scratch my head. Melody, Manteo

meresy_g said...

Blackwater's property in Moyock might be up for grabs soon (keeping fingers crossed). Is that close to you?

swamp4me said...

Fentress is perfectly adequate - they should just continue to use it. Drives us crazy to think that they want to come here!

Too close for comfort ;) It's a scary place.