Snowberry Clearwing

You gotta love a caterpillar that will munch out on Japanese honeysuckle. This is the larva of a snowberry clearwing, Hemaris diffinis. The adult moth resembles a bumblebee.
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Cathy said...

No kidding? A Clearwing caterpillar. Excellent picture. So I guess it's a smallish caterpillar?

Floridacracker said...

Catching up: Great bear shots down below. How neat to be able to sit and watch for a while.
Lots of cicada killers here and plenty of their prey too.

swamp4me said...

These caterpillars get up to about 4.5 cm.

Glad you stopped by. There's not much to catch up on here, I'm afraid. My blogging has been sporadic at best lately.