The Morning After Nifty

Note to self: Chocolate cake and black coffee do NOT make a good breakfast for those of a certain age.

Seems that I'm suffering from a bit of a hangover this morning. No, not from alcohol...I had only one chocolate stout last night. This hangover is from overindulgence in chocolate and coffee. You see, yesterday was my 50th birthday and since it is a well-known fact that I am a chocoholic and coffee addict, I received an abundance of both vices.

Many thanks to Treebeard for the birthday cake he made me. He calculated the number of seconds I had lived as of 1:11 pm (the time I was born) yesterday and recorded the number on the cake. Such a sweetie ;)

Many thanks to the folks at work for their contributions as well. Coffee beans, mocha chocolate squares, and an assortment of chocolate cake squares. I saved the sign that greeted me from my office door yesterday morning: "An Old Toad Works Here" I like that - I stuck it to the wall beside the window in front of my desk.

Now I must recover from the love and hide the rest of the cake...


Anonymous said...

All bloggers keep in mind that the world became a better place some 1,578,355,200 seconds ago at 1:11 pm on 1958/02/21. Love, Treebeard ~{:-o]>

swamp4me said...

I love you, too :D

Anonymous said...

You two are so sappy. Glad you had a good birthday. It was great talking to you. Give Treebeard my love.

Love, SNL & Rat Dog

Lynne said...

Happy 50th! You've joined the ranks of some fine folks. I hope you enjoyed your coffee and chocolate. I do believe that a good cup of coffee with a little something sweet is one of life's better pleasures.

Paul said...

Happy day after your birthday.

I always read your blog and enjoy both the photos and writing.

swamp4me said...

Yeah, we're sappy...ain't it grand?

Thanks. It feels fine being in a new demographic :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Glad to hear you are a repeat visitor - I appreciate it.

Cathy said...

Swampy! Happy Belated 50th! I loved that decade. (61, now)

It must be looking a little springy inn your neighborhood.

Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday. And you just confirmed what we at Audubon already knew: Naturalists are the ultimate hybrid. They can run on either chocolate OR coffee!

swamp4me said...

It is starting to look like spring around here. The daffodils, quince, forsythia, pears, and cherries are blooming in yards. We will still get some cold snaps though.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Heh...I have a reputation for eating healthy food --- except for the chocolate and coffee ;) A girl's gotta have a few vices, right? I never did get around to hiding the cake from myself.

Melody said...

Happy belated birthday wishes from the island to your swamp. Have enjoyed your photos and postings for several years now and look forward to many more. Thank you! Melody

swamp4me said...

I appreciate the birthday wishes as well as your very kind words. Thanks for visiting often and please come back soon.