Winter Blue

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Skies are bluer here in winter. The air is clear, the humidity is low, and the blue is brilliant. But don't you dare call it Carolina blue...them's fightin' words in our household...Treebeard is an NC State man and I am an East Carolina Pirate. We don't tolerate any reference to UNC in this house ;)


Tom said...

I'd give anything for a cirrus cloud right now here in Ohio! We haven't seen a blue sky day in over a week!


swamp4me said...

We've had little rain this winter and lots of blue skies -- if I could do it, I'd send some blue your way. We have had winters where it has rained and rained, so I know how depressing that can be!

April said...

Nice cloud picture with beautiful blue sky. Also, love your turtle posting-I'm definitely a turtle person. I have to admit I don't know what a coontail is.

swamp4me said...

The skies of winter are almost heart-breakingly blue here. Glad you like the turtles - we have tons of 'em here. The baskers are great, but the land dwelling box turtles are my personal favorite. As for the coontail, it is a submergent aquatic plant that grows in the millpond.