As Promised

Here you go, woverman, a picture of the house in progress.

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Jenn said...


Love the full brick fireplace. Builders these days are quick to save money by sheathing the chimney in siding, but the brick just speaks of hearth and home in a way that is irreproducible in lesser materials.

And I envy your porch. Very nice.

swamp4me said...

The fireplace and chimney added a chunk-o-change to this project, as did the porch -- your comment just justified the expenses ;) Thanks!

woverman said...

I love it! Looks very cozy... I know you'll love it! Can't wait to see more pictures... ;-)

swamp4me said...

hey woverman,
Glad you like it. It is definitely "cozy" compared to the house we live in now ;)

Pushesrb said...

It looks so fitting! Glad to see how far it's come!