The Merry Month of May...Please

Okay, remember me? I've been away a while. Seems the fates weren't done with us afterall...April turned out to be just as bad as March - more loss and sadness. But things have to get better, right?

On a positive note, the house is coming along nicely. The framers finished last week and the masons should have the chimney completed today. We are supposed to get the windows this week, too. Also, I found a vinyl floor design that I actually like - one more decision made!

Our older son came to see us over the weekend. He took his kayak back home with him when he left -- good thing, too. We don't have any out buildings at the new house. Storage is going to be an issue don't you know...

The flower above is a pink lady's-slipper, Cypripedium acaule. We have quite a few blooming this year.
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woverman said...

You must post house pictures... I'm curious!

swamp4me said...

Patience, woverman, patience. I will post house pictures soon - I promise :)

pablo said...

Sorry about your troubles, but I'm happy about your house progress.

I'me with woverman. Pix, we must have pix!