Millpond Cabana

As I paddled along yesterday, savoring the fact that I was actually out and about with the whole pond to myself, I spied one of my favorite critters savoring the day as well. Green treefrogs never fail to make me smile.
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This brown water snake also made me smile. Gotta love a snake wearing a duckweed wig...
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Melody said...

This looks like the snake I found my dog sniffing in our yard last summer. Could it be possible? I live in Manteo about a block from the waterfront and have always wondered what kind of snake it was.

swamp4me said...

Your snake could very well be a brown water snake. They are really common in the coastal plain.

Melody said...

Thanks! I guess I just never realized they would travel that far from the waterfront. I have always seen them in the water.