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We had our Solstice fire last night and celebrated the change in season by roasting oysters and steaming shrimp - our favorite way of welcoming winter. Technically, I guess it was more a Solstice Eve thing since today is the Solstice. But, whatever it was, it sure was good!

Hope your first day of winter is a happy one. And smile! The days will start getting longer now.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*cannot smile for his word verification was cricryot, and cry cry in overtime he did*

swamp4me said...

:( Bad, bad word verification! I will have to speak to it and scold it for making you cry.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*sniffs and wif a stuffup ole nose says* Dokay. WAAAAAAAAaaaa!

Floridacracker said...

Never too late to start a tradition and that one sounds delicious.
Mind if I copy you?

swamp4me said...

By all means, go right ahead! What we couldn't eat last night got breaded and fried tonight - yummy any way you cook 'em.

You won't get a downer word like that again - don't cry ;)

Uncle Bear :-) said...

Between Dec. 12, and today, we in Hickory have gained four minutes of sunlight in the afternoon. Now, with the Winter Solstice taking place, we are on our way to spring and summer. Thank goodness.

Marvin said...

Sounds like a great tradition to me, but oysters and shrimp are a little dear here in the hills. I suppose I could substitute mountain oysters.

swamp4me said...

Uncle Bear,
I don't mind the winter, but I need plenty of sunshine to keep my spirits up.

Roasted mountain oysters...hmm, you could try that, I suppose. ;)