Chair Hogs

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Yes, that's me sitting in a very unladylike position on my recliner (my grandmother would have been appalled!) . And no, my legs are not stretched out comfortably with my feet on the foot rest. Instead, my chair is covered mostly by a tangle of cats. At first it was just one, my sweet Weasel -- the one closest to the end of the chair. But soon her brother Smidgeon jumped up and snuggled in. Not to be outdone, Friday joined the crowd and settled into my, uh, crotch. The only one missing is Wicket. She feels it is beneath her to share a lap with the triplicats -- she will only sit on my lap when the other cats are busy elsewhere.

It has rained buckets today. So, instead of going paddling as we had planned, Treebeard and I have spent the day indoors. The cats were delighted to have us thus confined. Since Treebeard was watching tennis and I was reading a book, the cats had their choice of laps and spent a little while moving back and forth before settling on mine. It would be a very pleasant way to sit and read...if only they would let me use the foot rest!


Sally said...

Ha!! Been there, done that! Mine aren't all black though-- you have quite a matching set there!

Anonymous said...

Swampy- What a picture. I can sympathize as my two have done the same thing to me in the recliner. Thought about you and Treebeard when I saw the weather report. Fall is here in Maine, the air is crisp. Maineiac

MObugs said...

LOL, love it. Just wait til they start following you to the bathtub, like our sweet Casey does. I can't tell you how many times he has fallen in, in a very undignified manner. He still persists in keeping me company as I try to take a peaceful bath.

swamp4me said...

Over the years I have served as a napping spot for quite a few cats, but these three take the cake!

Treebeard and I were discussing the weather in Maine just the other morning. It was cool enough here in the early morning that I put on a long sleeved shirt while we drank coffee on the porch. Treebeard asked me what I thought I'd be wearing if we were sitting on your porch in Maine ;)

Don't I know it! These three follow me to the bath, to the toilet, even...and Weasel has a thing about my electric toothbrush. She perches on the counter and reaches up to nibble my elbow while I'm brushing my teeth :)

Floridacracker said...

Cute. Cats. But cute.

Anonymous said...

Swampy- You'd be wearing long sleeves and possibly your fleece in the mornings. Lows in the upper 40's. Actually tried having a fire in the fireplace two nights over the weekend. Just got a cord of wood delivered. Wish Treebeard was here to split it into smaller pieces but I'll try manhandling some of the bigger pieces with my Dad's axe. But fall is definately setting in. Asters blooming full tilt along with golden rod. Milkweed starting to pod up. Taking the heater to town today to have it serviced before the colder nights really set in. Maineiac

denapple said...

The problem with lap cats is that you can't get up and disturb them. That's the first law of cathood! Cats don't get up until they want to:)

swamp4me said...

Sounds beautiful. We've had a couple of cooler days with highs in the 70s, but there is more heat out there. September is a fickle month here!

So true! When I absolutely had to get up I managed to ease myself out of the chair without lowering the foot rest--not as easy a task as it once was ;)