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Another cat post, so soon? Yep.
True confession time -- I am a regular visitor to I Can Has Cheezburger
I can't help it, the pictures make me laugh and some of the captions are hilarious.
So, in a spirit of solidarity for a purely fictitious reason, I am posting cat pictures today.
Every day is STILL Caturday.

BTW, the triplicat pictured above is Smidgeon, aka Knucklehead, aka Yoda, aka BatCat -- plus a few other names that I won't post here ;)
(He is Treebeard's favorite -- but don't tell him I told you so.)


sweet bay said...

Yup, he looks rotten.

Floridacracker said...

Bottom picture = mischief planning

jason said...

Totally handsome! And full of mischief-making intent like cats should be.

swamp4me said...

sweet bay,
Oh, he is! But he is a very calm cat. Nothing really bothers him.

Very astute -- for a non-cat person!

He's a sweetheart -- no manners, but not a mean bone in his body.