IVA Day!

It's International Vulture Awareness Day
--- let's hear it for the under-appreciated, often misunderstood, and sometimes maligned vulture!

Turkey Vulture above, and Black Vulture below. We are fortunate enough to have both species in our area.

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Ellen Rathbone said...

I love TVs! So much so that when I worked in NJ I created at TV costume for our Halloween program. I was very pleased with my efforts...until it came time to put it on. I'd left no way to get into the thing! A few modifications, though, soon set things right.

Woodswalker said...

Yes, indeed, let us praise the vultures. We wouldn't like the results if they disappeared. I love to watch them soaring the updrafts along the Hudson. They may be kind of homely up close, but up there they look like angels.

Sally said...

How great that you have both! I have enough trouble telling the TVs from the GEs (golden eagles)-- always have to look twice!

Pablo said...

I think we only have turkey vultures here in Missouri. Nice birds, no matter what everyone thinks.

Anonymous said...

I call them the Texas Department of Disposition. They always do a good job of cleaning up the bodies from the roads. I especially like when they perch in a tree sunning themselves. Nice pics as usual Swampy! Maineiac!

swamp4me said...

That would have been a sight to see! I'm glad you figured out how to get into it after all your hard work.

I love to watch them soar. When it's windy they seem to enjoy playing on the gusts.

It is nice having both. Their flight profiles make it really easy to tell them apart.

I agree and I really find it hard to understand why some people have such negative attitudes toward them.

It is pretty cool to see them sitting with wings spread in the top of some dead tree...as long as they stay off my chimney ;)