It Makes Us Hoppy

All during our very hot and dry June, Treebeard and I worked hard to keep scores of tadpoles alive. We made a little pond, filled it with water from our rain barrels and made sure the little ones had plenty to eat. Our efforts have been rewarded because quite a few of our little charges have transformed into froglets. They are on their own now -- but we gave them the best start that we could. We still have quite a few left to care for and last week's one rainshower left us with some brand new ones...but that's okay because we like frogs ;)


Itty bitty Copes Gray Treefrog
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ksdoolittle said...

SWEET!! Brings back memories of saving tadpoles and egg masses from dried up 'vernal pools' - usually in old tracks made by logging trucks or atv's that dried up quickly once the spring rains stopped. Cute little frog. ~karen

jason said...

Too cute! Glad to hear you helped them out.

Anonymous said...

Imagine you liking frogs!!! Are these the tadpoles you were keeping in the container when I visited in May?

SIL and Ratdog

swamp4me said...

One of my sons once saved at least a thousand toad tadpoles from a puddle in a farm field next to our house. He put them in his wading pool and made sure they had water until they transformed. We had to watch our step in the yard because of all the toadlets!

Nothing cuter than a tiny frog!

This is a different batch. The ones I was tending when you were here have not completed their metamorphosis -- they turn into much bigger frogs.

Meredith/Great Stems said...

So, so cute.

JSK said...

Reminds me of the year we rescued scads of squirrel treefrog tadpoles from roadside puddles one dry summer. We brought them home and put them in permanent water containers. We don't see much of them but, often when it rains, we hear squirrel treefrogs calling quietly in the woods.