On the Road

Scranton is watching the house and the cats -- despite his allergies -- and we are on the road...

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We've parked ourselves for the night...do you know what state we're in? The last picture should offer a clue if you've traveled this road before.


KaHolly said...

Don't have a clue, but I envy you, being on the road. I hope you have a wonderful time and an uneventful road trip. Maine is a wonderful place to explore and discover. ~karen

pushesrb said...

I'm so bad at this game...but it's either Maryland or Deleware...but I want to say Maryland. It's very recognizable after my recent trip up 95 to NYC.

Safe travels!!!

biobabbler said...

=) All I (California girl) can say is it's somewhere flat--in the foothills we don't need those water tower thingies that I see EVERYWHERE in the midwest. I remember asking my dad what they were when I was a kid. Like the day I found an ice scraper in my sister's friend's car. I asked what it was and she said "You're kidding, right?" She was from Minnesota. I said no, I have no idea. "It's an ice scraper." That was a first. =)

PS I'm going on a trip next week and one of the things I'm MOST excited about is going on my favorite run from when I used to live there. SWEET!

Kyna said...


I'm bad at this game too. I just think the second picture reminds me of a bridge Jacksonville. Maybe. I was there 5 years ago to visit my in-laws.

swamp4me said...

The first picture is the part of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the second picture was taken on a bridge in Delaware, the third picture was on another bridge in Delaware just before you get into NJ and the last photo was of one of the service areas off the NJ Turnpike.