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Red Admiral


jason said...

Too funny! (And beautiful photos to boot.)

Meredith said...

Haha, that's great. At first it was a "spot the difference in these photos" game.

Randy Emmitt said...

Nice series of photos! Meg reported seeing nearly a dozen Red Admirals along our driveway last night. Hardly ever see them in the garden, but before dusk they are lots of the hilltopping along the driveway/road.

KaHolly said...

This seems to be the year of the red admirals! We have lots of them here in Atlantic Canada this year, too! ~karen

swamp4me said...

It has been a good year for red admirals as well as red-spotted purples -- they seem to be around in very large numbers.

swamp4me said...

The funny thing was that the butterfly was sitting in the intermittent spray of a water sprinkler. I guess it was situated so that the drops didn't hit it but it still had access to the water.

I didn't notice the proboscis when I was taking the pictures, I saw the progression only after I downloaded the photos. Don't you just love digital cameras?

It has been an unusual butterfly year. Loads of red admirals and red-spotted purples, plus we had some really late-flying morning cloaks.