A Very Beary Day

Yesterday was a very beary day in the swamp. We had a total of 13 sightings while out patrolling. What has so many bears out and about? Why, that would be all the blackberries that are still on the brambles. Bears do love blackberries.

I really do need to wash my windshield if I am going to continue taking pictures when I'm in the truck ;)


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Floridacracker said...

I don't blame them for loving blackberries though!

ksdoolittle said...

Oh, I am so excited about your bears! How exciting! Every once in awhile, we drive up into the Cape Breton Highlands and spot a few, and it is always a 'time stands still' moment when we do! To think that there are still larger than life wild animals patrolling what remains of our "wilderness"!~karen

swamp4me said...

They do get giddy when the berries are ripe ;)

We see bears quite often, but the thrill never diminishes. I love knowing they are out there.