Around the Yard

Yesterday, when I should have been cleaning the house, I took a stroll about the yard to check on things.

The red peach is in bloom.  Hopefully, we won't have another hard frost.  I would like to have some peaches this year.
Some of the blueberries are starting to bloom as well.  See the little cut marks on the blossom below?  They indicate that somebody cheated -- instead of poking its head into the bloom and helping to pollinate it, the insect that visited this flower just went straight for the nectar.  Bad bug!
The yellow jessamine is just starting to bloom.  It is very late this year.  The flower has a lovely fragrance.
Yellow jessamine buds.
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Some people call this mock strawberry, some call it Indian strawberry.  My mom called it snakeberry.  Following the bright bloom will be a strawberry-like fruit with the seeds sitting on the outside.  They aren't poisonous, but neither are they palatable.
This little fellow cracked me up.  I don't know if he perched this way on purpose to maximize exposure to sunlight or if he just landed this way. 
Can you find the frog in this photo?  Look closely, he's there.

Can you see him now?
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It's a cricket frog. It's much easier to see out on the driveway ;)
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Woodswalker said...

Oh yes, yes! I'm enjoying your photos of spring at the same time new snow is falling fast in upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see the peach blossom. This is the first year in forever that I don't have any kind of fruit tree in bloom in the yard. My yellow jessamine is in full bloom and taking over the fence. Love the little frog.

SIL and Ratdog

Bill and dogs said...

It's wonderful to see such spring activity while we in upstate New York are having a snowstorm. And I've never heard of a Cricket Frog before. I'll Google it immediately.

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

Cleaning, schmeaning! A walk outside is almost always preferable. And you're right about that frog's camoflage - seriously impressive.

Randy Emmitt said...

The holes in the blue berry are caused by bumble bees. The holes they make help honey bees and butterflies to access the nectar also. Honestly without the bumble bee odds on getting fruit is not very likely.

Also loved the grasshopper nymph.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Looks lovely down there. Spring is on the way up here in Ontario too. The snow disappeared a day or two ago and there are a few small flowers blooming and several bird species have come back to make our mornings more delightful but then there is the 10 cm of snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Sigh!

swamp4me said...

I hope it will be well behaved snow and disappear quickly!

No fruit trees blooming in that yard is definitely different.

Bill and dogs,
Cricket frogs are awesome little creatures with very loud voices.

Yes, a walk outside always trumps cleaning -- thus the constant state of disarray in my house ;)

Oh yes, I am well aware that the bumble bees make the slits. They aren't the bumbles I want. I want the ones who do the job honestly so that I get lots of nice plump berries :) The grasshopper cracked me up. He jumped after I took his picture and landed upside down. Hope he makes it to adulthood!

Spring might be a little slower up your way but you get a much greater variety of wildflowers than we do here -- worth the wait, I'd say.

Sybil said...

Wonderful pics. It was hard to find that frog.

It will be at least a month till we're where you are now in terms of flowers and leafing.

No snow here but still well below freezing overnight.

Love your BBlog.

Eastern Passage, NS

swamp4me said...

Things are really starting to green up now but we still have some chilly temperatures at night.

Murr Brewster said...

I could never find Waldo, but I can spot a frog anywhere. I guess you have to have desire.

swamp4me said...

Yes, frogs have been known to arouse desire in some.