Spring Things

Things continue to be crazy busy in the swamp. Seems everyday I'm either out with a group or working on trails -- unfortunately, neither activity lends itself to taking pictures to share. I hope to have some free time by next weekend. Maybe then I'll have a bit more to share. Meanwhile, here are a few shots I did manage to take this week...

Check out the saddlebags on this worker bee. She was busy visiting all the dandelions in the yard at work.

I see you! This very calm garter snake was on the trail yesterday. Treebeard and I were leading a bird hike and this fine fellow almost got stepped on.
Isn't he a beauty?

Last but not least, spotted turtles under the boardwalk. Yep, they're doing what you think they're doing. Spring is definitely in the air (in the water, too).
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Anonymous said...

Lovely shots. I think I have a hunch about what those naughty spotted turtles are up to.....good for them!