Almost a Speed Bump

Yesterday I went into work early to meet with a researcher and help him get set up to study some beetles. To avoid building up any more comp time I took an hour and a half off in the middle of the day. So, what did I do with my time? I went biking on our trails. Even though I changed into a tee-shirt to disguise myself, I was still recognized as a ranger and found myself answering the questions of other bikers and hikers. Seems rangering is not a job, it's a lifestyle ;-)

While I was pedaling along I saw a piece of grass making its way across the trail...brakes squealing, I came to a stop before reducing this fine little rough green snake to speed bump status.


biobabbler said...

Direct quote "uchh, so beauuutiful!" I love the "piece of grass" description. What a GORGEOUS creature and yay for you re: braking.

And, I must say, once, while working at Yosemite NP I hopped out of the fed truck IN MY POLKA DOT SKIRT and was STILL pegged as a ranger. Happily the question was "where's the nearest bathroom" so it was an easy one.

Incidentally, the snake photo on your blog's header is LOVELY. Looks like it wants a kiss. =)

Garden Lily said...

I'm not sure how to tell whether a snake "wants a kiss", but it sure is a beautiful green.

Pablo said...

I hardly ever see green snakes in my woods, but when I do they are worth the wait.

swamp4me said...

A polka dot skirt, eh? I haven't tried that one ;)

Garden Lily,
Somehow I don't think I'd be willing to kiss a snake even if it did ask. A passing nod would have to suffice.

I see green snakes on a regular basis where I work, but only occasionally in the woods where I live. Each time I see one it's special.

Floridacracker said...

The habit I found hard to break when off or after I stopped Rangering was greeting everyone I met on the trail with an enthusiastic, " Hi folks, how are ya doing?"

Dead give away.

swamp4me said...

Yep, that could be part of what gives me away, too. Plus, I have a tendency to look people in the eye - freaks some folks out ;) And I can tell you what all the individuals I met on the trail were wearing, approximate ages, and general physical condition. In my line of work you just never know when you might have to go looking for someone or render aid!