A Recent Walk

High winds have been a constant thing of late so I have been doing a lot of trail walking to be sure no trees are blocking the path. The upside of that is being able to be outside more.

There have been large numbers of harlequin darners flying recently. The tree that hosted this particularly cooperative darner held seven others. They were all in their typical perching mode, soaking up the sunshine. This one is a female as evidenced by the amber wash on her wings.

The pawpaws are starting to leaf out. That should make the zebra swallowtail butterflies happy. Pawpaw is the host plant for that species.

I've mentioned before on this blog that I love snails. Those cute little faces get me every time ;)

I have a few more images to share but I'm still having photo issues. Perhaps I can hammer them out later today...


Anonymous said...

I love the shadow of the snail on your hand. It saw its shadow without retreating back in its shell so we'll have a great summer.

swamp4me said...

An excellent tradition! Who needs a groundhog when one has a snail?