Leaves of Three?

Sure, if it's got leaves of three let it be. But how about this:

While #2 son, Flamebrain, was home this weekend he spied this unusual specimen of poison ivy growing in the yard. His comment was something like, what is this five-leaved stuff that looks remarkably like poison ivy? Well, it was poison ivy as evidenced by leaves lower down on the plant.

Sneaky stuff, poison ivy. Flamebrain and Treebeard both have spectacular reactions to contact with Toxicodendron radicans, making them hyper observant and attuned to its presence. I'm not sure I would have noticed this particular variation.


biobabbler said...

Sneaky. =) Good eye!

Check out http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ww0802.htm and scroll down to the picture with "A" (poison oak) and "B" (R.t.) on it. During my thesis work we had poison oak on one of the trapping arrays so I had it all summer. BUT we discovered Rhus trilobata which looks SO MUCH like p.o. it's amazing!

swamp4me said...

My son has always been very observant, even from an early age. It's a trait he gets from his father ;)
Thanks for the link -- lots of interesting information on that page. We don't have much poison oak here, but we are wrapped up with poison ivy!