Monday, Along the Boardwalk

Needing a moment to collect my thoughts yesterday, I opted for a quick walk along the boardwalk. Seems several other critters had the same idea.

A doe was enjoying the tender new shoots of a smilax. They are a tasty treat. I snagged a few myself along the way.

A green snake was catching some rays. It found a nice comfortable cypress knee in the sun...

at least until I disturbed it and it moved on.

Several Lace-winged Roadside Skippers were out and about. All of them too busy to pose for a close-up though.

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Woodswalker said...

What a beautiful way to take a break! What part of Smilax is tasty? And what species? Greenbrier? The most common Smilax species around where I live (northern NY) is Carrion Flower, which stinks to high heaven when in bloom, so I've never imagined tasting it. But I'm willing to try.