Morning Fare

Lots of little things caught my eye while I was out wandering the woods this morning. I thought I would share a few of the images with you. Spring is my absolute favorite season -- every day something new emerges.

We're off to town now to buy some groceries. We will be caught in traffic, jostled by busy people, and be bedazzled by the array of goods available for purchase. We will be able to eat Chinese, Japanese, or Italian cuisine. I will pay an outrageous sum for a cup of coffee. And all the while we will be thinking, wonder what we're missing back home in the woods...

(The scientific name for the bloodroot is Sanguinaria canadensis and yes, the sap in the roots is a deep reddish brown that looks like blood. It was used as a dye, as well as an insect repellant, by Native Americans.)


Anvilcloud said...

Keep feeding me those pictures. I like the bloodroot ... and the smail tracks too.

happyandblue2 said...

Nice pictures. Have fun in town..

chryscat said...

I understand completely. I hate to be away from the house, too. Course, mine is just straight anti-social tendencies.
I love the pictures. The flowers blooming are just beautiful, aren't they?