One Strange Bird

He's back, yet again Posted by Hello

When I glanced out the kitchen window a moment ago, I was only slightly surprised to see this now familiar beastie munching out on sunflower seeds under our platform feeder. The birds were ignoring him and he ignored me when I opened the window to snap this picture.

Since we first noticed him, almost three weeks ago, this opossum has become a regular feature in our yard. He meanders about, checking the compost pile, and now apparently the bird feeder. I have seen him stroll across our front porch and cruise down our lane. If we approach him, he first tries the big, bad, hissing 'possum routine, followed quickly by the fall over and pretend to be dead routine.

He has finally lost the last two or so inches of his tail -- it looked pretty gruesome before it fell off. Other than a few battle scars he appears to be pretty healthy. (I would guess so, since he is obviously eating well.)

If he persists in hanging around I may have to come up with a name for him.

Another sighting from my window today: a male sharp-shinned hawk perched in our heartnut tree, about ten feet from the window. He presented me with a lovely view of his back, it's easy to see why they are also known as "blue darters." Unfortunately for me, my camera battery was in the charger, not in the camera. Oh well, such is life.


SquirrleyMojo said...

I think my critter is back as well!

And why shouldn't he be? If my husband it too darn lazy to take the trash bag out to the curb? Everyone likes a free meal.

swamp4me said...

Maybe it's the year of the opossum -- I'll have to check the calendar :)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Oh great. That means as soon as I get comfortable with my dinner, Jack will be barking his head off. Thanks for the warning though!

Michuli said...
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Michuli said...

The poor guy is probably exhausted, seeing as he can't hang from his prehensile tail to sleep in a tree. Is there at least a nub? Perhaps if he has one you could help him out with a clothespin. Just hang him up in the evening and take him down in the morning. Or are they nocturnal? :-)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I'll donate $2 towards the purchase of a small hammock and a Jimmy Buffet CD.

chryscat said...

We have a bunch of these around here. Star will watch the perimeter and bark incessantly if one crosses her line.
I'll chip in for some sunglasses and a panama jack hat.