Friday's Finds

Friday was drizzly. Actual water was leaking from the sky - amazing! I went for a two mile walk to gather materials for a program and I only got damp, so it wasn't exactly a drought-busting day. But hey, at least it was something.

The photo above shows one of Treebeard's favorite fall treats: persimmons. He eyes this particular tree each time he comes to my work swamp. Persimmons don't get me too excited - as a child I ate too many at time once and sort of lost my taste for them :0

Persimmon, Diospyros virginiana, is a dioecious species. You have to have both a male and a female tree in order to have fruit.

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The flower is yellow crownbeard, Verbesina occidentalis. Sorry I don't have an ID on my little invertebrate friend. I really do need to find a good reference for snails...

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Something relatively small has taken a bite out of this pawpaw, the fruit from Asimina triloba. Most of the pawpaws have been gobbled down already. Bears love 'em and I found plenty of bear sign where I found this particular fruit.
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