Not So Pretty Poo

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Someone has been searching for an image of opossum scat. Well, here you go. 'Possum scat comes in quite a few variations - depends on what the little critter's been eating. But, no matter what it's been eating, 'possum scat isn't pretty ;)

As for the fly - no clue as to genus/species. I haven't had time to look it up.

(Treebeard is currently recouperating from outpatient surgery. I am staying home from work to keep him out of trouble and to see that he mends in a timely fashion. So far, so good. He seems to be behaving himself. We will see how things progress as the week goes on...)


Anonymous said...


Only you and Treebeard would post a picture of possum poo! Hope Treebeard is okay. I'm getting ready to hit the road this weekend. Thanks again for the wonderful posts.


swamp4me said...

Hehe, we aim to serve - any poo you'd like to see? ;)
We really hated not being able to come see you this year. Hope to make the trip next year, if possible.
When we get our house built you will have to come to the swamp for a visit.
Safe travels - you've got a long trip ahead of you!