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Grr...Blogger is eating pictures again! This is the photo that is supposed to be in the post below.
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Cathy said...

Excellent capture! I tried for a full 5 minutes to get a mantis' face in focus and it just didn't happen. Congratulations.

Kerri said...

Great shot! He is looking right at you! Neat!

Lorinda said...

What a great photo! I could swear there was an expression on that face.

swamp4me said...

She was very cooperative. She followed me with her eyes the whole time I was photographing her.

Thanks! I do love a nice big praying mantis.

I think there was expression - sort of a "leave me alone, please" expression. ;)

sarah said...

Cool photo! I love it!!

swamp4me said...

Glad you like the photo. I like this one a lot, too :)