Morning Stroll

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A stroll through the yard this morning offered up a variety of things to see. I selected four that I liked most and decided to post them without identifying them properly -- radical, eh?

Mr. Toad starts us out (actually, I think this is a female)

Posted by PicasaThen we move on to a tiny toad stool. Ironically, the toad was sitting next to this 'shroom when Treebeard spotted it, but it hopped off before I could catch the two in the same frame.

Next we move to "ground-nesting" saprophytes. Posted by Picasa

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And finally to a fine, furry caterpillar.
There, I did it! I posted pictures without identifying the critters -- so double "ha" to the person who said I wouldn't be able to do it! (And no, it wasn't Treebeard)

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jojo said...

Hey! no fair... i like hearing the "latin" terms for things found. Makes me sound more important when i remember them. now that your friend knows you can do it. Can you comment on what they are? LOL>...