Sad Tale?

While out walking on the trail behind the house, Treebeard and I happened upon this squirrel tail. No sign of other squirrel parts, no blood, no tufts of fur - just a tail. The bone was still in the tail so it was probably snapped or bitten off. Very neatly done, whatever did it. Our guess is that the rest of the squirrel made a tasty meal for one of the resident predators in these parts, most likely a hawk.

I could have sworn I heard the birds at the feeders snickering though - they didn't seem too upset by the demise of this particular rodent...

Treebeard update: Doctor's appointment today. He removed the packing and said that things were looking pretty good. He still doesn't want Treebeard to bend from the waist, pick up anything anywhere near heavy, or heaven forbid, blow his nose! He also recommended that he avoid being around people as much as possible. Catching a cold is one of the absolute worse things that could happen right now as is coming down with any sort of secondary infection. So, I have put my man under house arrest and am stopping visitors at the door. We appreciate all the calls and well wishes from everyone!
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