It was 14 degrees F this morning when I got up - that's outrageous. You can tell me that it's not that cold...that it is much colder up north. Well, yeah. It's supposed to be much colder up north! Personally, anything under, say, 35 degrees F is too cold for me unless we can have snow. No snow? Then no reason to be any colder. Period.
The unreasonable temps have me hovering next to the woodstove - any closer, and I'd be in the woodstove - and eating everything in sight. Guess I'm entering hibernation mode :)
Outside the kitchen window the birds are busy cleaning out the feeders. Today's list has reached 28 species. That includes the red-shouldered hawk and the red-tailed hawk that visited the tree-line at the edge of the yard and the vultures (both black and turkey) that flew over the house. Lucky for me, I have reached my RDA of birds without having to go outside at all.
Tomorrow I'll be back outside, but today I'm just going to hibernate.


My name is Stacie. said...

Yes, 14 is cold, even if you're from the north. We're in NY and it was 6 this morning. It was actually painful to the skin and nose. I took my morning hike anyway. By 1pm it was like 20, so my son and I went sliding on the pond. I do like winter. But not this cold!

Anonymous said...

I think once you get below 20, it's all the same, painful cold. It's amazing that birds and critters can survive outside in it.

April said...

That's so exciting. All those birds and vultures too! You really live in a rich environment, and I always enjoy reading about your latest discovery.

nina said...

The fire in a wood stove--, smoky smell outside--one of the winter treats I love--but would like more snow, too.

swamp4me said...

It is such wet cold down here - it doesn't stay cold enough long enough to freeze dry everything ;)

The little birds, in particular, amaze me. Makes my feet cold just watching them out there!

We get a very good variety of birds in and over the yard. I've been really surprised at the lack of fox sparrows though. Usually when we get a little snow they come out of the woods and visit the feeder.

The woodstove is a life-saver! We heat bricks on it during the day then wrap them in thick towels and put them in the bed at our feet. Our bedroom is cold so the bricks are like heaven!

Marvin said...

I've notice a significant increase in wood consumption over the past few days here in the Ozarks, too. OMG! It must be January

swamp4me said...

Ah, that explains the cold temperatures - it's winter! Now I understand :)
Love the pictures on your site, by the way. I've never been to the Ozarks but I think I might like it there.

Laura said...

I'm right there with you on the cold thing, except for the snow part. No snow is fine with me.

Floridacracker said...

You need some of this amazing chili I just made.

swamp4me said...

Feel free to send me some! All gifts of food are greatly appreciated ;)