Tired of Looking

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Okay, I give up. Does anyone know which slime mold this is? I find it most frequently on decomposing pine logs. The sporangia are stalked and tend to turn brown with age. It's driving me crazy...
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Prairie Star said...

Hello, Swampy!

There you are! It's good to "see" you ;o)!

I set up a blog last year but have made it my new year's commitment to show up on a more regular basis. I've linked your blog on mine. I hope that's ok?

Lovin' twinkles,
Prairie Star

SquirrleyMojo said...

Not that this comment helps, but I'd name this slime mold after some sort of berries; I thought it's be too cold for slime molds?

Rurality said...

Funny, I saw a pic of something resembling this when I was searching for my mysterious fungi this morning. It was identified as Nectria episphaeria, but that was on a German site so it's probably not the same thing. But check Nectria sp.!

swamp4me said...

Hi Prairie Star!
Glad you stopped by and of course it is perfectly ok for you to put me in your links :)

I was just thinking of you this morning - isn't that odd...some sort of psychic connection :) Where have you been hiding?
Yep, I agree. It should be named for something colorful like a berry. And as for too cold, we have only had a couple of cold days here. The past two have been frigid but it is supposed to be back up in the high 60s by Monday.

I'll check that out. I've found a couple that looked similar, but nothing that has been right on the money. Hope you're staying warm down there. It's been in the teens here but not as cold as where you are.

SquirrleyMojo said...

You were thinking of me [big bubbly eyes batting]???

so, by the looks of your next post we really do have psychic connection!

now, about that book series, how do you feel about pickles? We could have a pickle narrator for the kiddies . . .

swamp4me said...

As a matter of fact, I do like pickles...of course, it would have to be a swamp pickle.

Stacie said...

i don't know what it is, but i have seen some recently in my wood.

swamp4me said...

it's always a surprise to see this particular slime mold in the winter woods - at first i think it's a dropped piece of candy or something. Then I get close enough to see that it's a slime mold.