Just A Dusting

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Ah well, meteorology is, after all, an art, not a science. The cold air did not move in as quickly as was predicted. We ended up with a dusting of snow instead of the up-to-four inches that was being anticipated. Had I pointed the camera down, instead of up, you would see a photo of green grass with little tufts of snow here and there.

Glancing back through my archives I discovered something -- today is my blog's birthday! And it seems that we had snow that January day in 2005. Plus, I had my first ever comment - thanks SquirrleyMojo! You are near and dear to my heart :)


Stacie said...

Happy 3rd birthday Swamp Things!

Tom said...

Happy Birthday!


swamp4me said...

Thanks! I'm kinda surprised that it's been three years.

Thanks. Love your Maine pictures, by the way!

April said...

That's impressive! Congratulations!
I like the sky photo.

swamp4me said...

Thanks. Wish I could have supplied pictures of the pond in the snow instead of a gray sky this morning :) The worst thing about our snow was that it fell during the night - we didn't get to watch it fall and that's my favorite part of a snow :(

Laura said...

Happy Blog birthday - I'm glad you are still around too. I do enjoy reading your blog.

swamp4me said...

Thanks, and the feeling is mutual. I enjoy your blog as well.