Yesterday's Walk

Yesterday was Treebeard's birthday and we celebrated by going for a walk - yes, we are a wild and crazy couple! While we were out, we saw our last butterfly of 2007. It was a very worn Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) and it wouldn't let us get too close - hence the fuzzy shot. (I'm feeling a little worn today myself - too much champagne last night don't you know...maybe we are a wild and crazy couple after all :0)

We did a little birding as we drove and as we walked. For those of you who find such things interesting, here's our list for the day:

snow goose
Canada goose
ring-necked duck
wood duck
hooded merganser
ring-billed gull
herring gull
great blue heron
wild turkey
sharp-shinned hawk
red-tailed hawk
red-shouldered hawk
turkey vulture
black vulture
American kestrel
mourning dove
rock dove
red-headed woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
common flicker
red-bellied woodpecker
yellow-bellied sapsucker
downy woodpecker
water pipit
American crow
blue jay
Carolina chickadee
white-breasted nuthatch
red-breasted nuthatch
house wren
winter wren
Carolina wren
ruby-crowned kinglet
golden-crowned kinglet
brown thrasher
gray catbird
northern mockingbird
eastern bluebird
American robin
Cedar waxwing
solitary vireo (blue-headed, whatever!)
yellow-rumped warbler
pine warbler
palm warbler
red-winged blackbird
common grackle
eastern meadowlark
European starling
northern cardinal
purple finch
American goldfinch
rufous-sided towhee
white-throated sparrow
chipping sparrow
field sparrow
song sparrow


Ontario Wanderer said...

Nice bird list! Also neat to know how many of our summer birds are wintering down your way. (We had a very late Turkey Vulture fly over our place on the 31st. Strange to see it this late in the year.)

Stacie said...

That's a lot of birds in one day. Oh, but I see your in North Carolina. I'm in NY, so most of our birds migrate. I really like your blog!

swamp4me said...

Thanks, OW. We noticed how many of our winter birds are summer residents up north when we went to Maine and Canada a couple of years ago. It was so strange hearing the birds sing territorial songs...

Many of our birds migrate, too, but we do have quite a few species around here.