Down By The Pond

It's been a while since we've wandered down to the pond.
We've got a few minutes now, why don't we go have a little look-see?

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Ah, a little pishing yields great rewards!
A faster focusing camera would yield even greater ones :>
Did you see the other species? If not, here's a list for you:
In addition to the black and white warbler up there, there are a couple of hooded warblers (looking spiffy for this time of year), several redstarts, a prairie warbler, white-eyed vireos, a yellow-throated warbler, a few northern parulas, yellow-throated vireos, red-eyed vireos, an acadian flycatcher, a couple of pileated woodpeckers, two hairy woodpeckers, a red-bellied woodpecker, a green heron, a bunch of Carolina wrens and a few northern cardinals.
Not bad for standing in one spot, eh?

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What's that way out in the pond, perched on that reed? It's too far to focus, but I think it's a green treefrog...yep, it's a youngster. How about an artsy-fartsy fuzzy shot?

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And look, down there just off the boardwalk. A cricket frog perched on the duckweed...right there between those pennywort leaves.

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Did you check out that 'shroom by the trail on the way down? Looks like it might be some sort of polypore. Hardly ever see them so nice and round, though.

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Man, something's been munching out on these beech leaves. Do you see the critters that did this? Me neither. They must have moved on.
But look down there on the ground. Have you ever seen so much frass in one place? And what a pretty color it is, too. Nothing like caterpillar poo to add a little textural interest.

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Well, time to get back to the house. There is soooo much left to do -- how did we ever end up with so much stuff anyway? Maybe we can take another walk later this week.

Note to self: One must spray each and every time one goes to walk in the woods this time of year. No exceptions, period! You are experienced in the outdoors - you should know this.
(Now, wonder where I put that lotion -- these seed tick bites are itching something fierce.)


Lynne said...

That was a fun walk. I like your artsy-fartsy dreamy shot of the treefrog.
I hate to say it but that caterpillar frass looks just like some expensive bran cereal I bought last week.

swamp4me said...

LOL! I could always scoop some up for you. It's full of fiber and way cheaper than that store-bought stuff ;)

pablo said...

Count me OUT on those two scoops of frass in my cereal bowl!

swamp4me said...

pablo, where's your sense of gustatory adventure? hehehe...

susan said...

The caterpillar poo looks like shelled pecans. :)

Woodduck said...

I have to use Permanone product sold as 'Repel', I believe; for woodsy walks until the first frost...happy trails.....

Woodduck said...

...oh, spray boots and clothes, let them dry, THEN put them on. This is not for skin application. It will work on your clothes for quite a while. DON'T SPRAY YOUR SKIN with this product.

swamp4me said...

Caterpillar frass is some pretty cool looking stuff -- it always make me think of cookies made with a press or cheese straws :)

I use permanone on a regular basis. Pretty much all of my work clothes are treated. It just so happened that on this particular day I was off and wearing non-treated clothes when the urge to wander down to the pond hit. Must have been a senior moment ;)

DigitalZen said...

You missed the Perambulating Sandpiper in the lower left corner.

swamp4me said...

Shhh...we were keeping that secret.