My Kind Of Housework

We had a few heavy things we needed to get out of the woods near the house we live in now so we can move them to our new place. Treebeard borrowed a tractor from a friend of ours and we got to work. I have limited tractor experience, but Treebeard is a pro. He is also a generous teacher, he let me do most of the tractor work so I could sharpen my skills. Backing into tight spaces, moving heavy objects with the front-end loader, and getting un-stuck were all lessons learned today. Fun, fun, fun -- definitely my kind of housework!
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woverman said...

Looks fun... I want to do it!

pablo said...

Oh boy . . . I could certainly find a bunch of uses for a tractor like that at Roundrock.

Anonymous said...

Swampy- You never cease to amaze me with your skills. Keep up the tractor lessons! You and Treebeard can come help me with road maintenance. I am learning everything you wanted to know about the anatomy of a pothole.


swamp4me said...

We needed the tractor in the lab, don't you think? I could have come up with some awesome Far Side fizzix experiments ;)

Treebeard and I are trying to figure out a way to afford our own tractor -- so far we are coming up blank.

Yikes! You have rocks and hills and way deep lakes in your neck of the woods -- I'll have to take loads of extra lessons ;)

Anonymous said...


They're not rocks my dear they are boulders. Aside from liquid dynamite or jack hammer there are some boulders that will never be removed from the road just covered with load after load of gravel. I am curious what in the world is in the back yard that requires a tractor to prepare it to be moved to the new home?


City Girl said...

Hey guys,
I am "supposed" to be doing laundry but I got your blog addy again from SIL and I was instantly sucked into the beauty of it all...you have such an amazing photography talent among your vast knowledge of EVERYTHING that is nature!! I can't believe all the animals you come in contact with everyday, it's amazing and a little scary, at least this city girl might be a little itimidated...Your new house is beautiful, I will have to make the trip someday with SIL and Ratdog!! Well, you guys take care and I will hopefully see you soon! Oh, BTW Grace is beautiful, I am so proud of Ian for taking on that challenge...I knew he was good people!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Like Maineiac, I'm wondering what it is you're taking with you that requires a tractor.

Sculpture garden to reinstall at the new house?

Major boulders for landscaping?

IMWTK (inquiring minds want to know)

swamp4me said...

Maineiac and Wren,
Treebeard and I have a tendency to acquire odd things from time to time. We need the tractor to move some concrete culverts we collected, as well as a cast iron bathtub that we have used as a planter for years.

Hey City Girl!
Welcome to the swamp. You will definitely have to make the trip up with SIL and Ratdog. We'll take you out and look for snakes and alligators!