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Despite the fact that it is dry around here, there have been a few mushrooms out. We spotted this one on the side of the road yesterday. We think it is Ruffles, Sparassis crispa.

Treebeard and I are on the road today - we need some new furniture for the new house so we are hitting the Labor Day sales. Wish us luck.


Crowe said...

I looked these up and they are edible. Antonio Carlucci recommends drying them and using them in soups.

Do you ever collect wild food from the swamp, if it's something abundant? Frog pie ... ;)

swamp4me said...

We don't collect food on the park - that would break the rules. We do, however, collect wild food from private land. We like mushrooms - as long as we are 150% sure they are edible - as well as fruits,nuts,and some greens. We do eat wild meat - but usually of the furry or fishy variety - not the hoppy sort ;)