Hey, Girl!

Rainbow Scarab Beetle - Phanaeus vindex

Back in May of '05 I posted a picture of the male of this species. I also caused Rurality to almost expel coffee through her nose when I referred to the pretty fellow by the common name of tumble turd :) Sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand the thought that no one has commented on this girl. Looks like a junebug to me. When we were MUCH younger, Treebeard and I tied strings around one of their legs and flew them around like airplanes. When you're poor, you find fun wherever you can.
Ratdog sends her love along with mine. SIL

swamp4me said...

Pearl may have made you wash your hands if you tied a string to this one :) I can't imagine she would have approved of playing with dung beetles. Check out the male in the archives. It's back in May of 2005, somewhere around the 19th I think.
Tell Ratdog hi for us.