Plowing the Back Quarter

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We finally had an opportunity to borrow our friend's tractor again. Our project this time was to break up the ground for our new vegetable garden. Treebeard did all the initial tractor work and then it was my turn to play. I love to drive the tractor -- and I suffer from serious tractor envy. It would be great if we could afford a small tractor but we just can't justify the expense. Meanwhile, thank goodness for generous friends!

The next step in garden prep will involve the tiller. I do not love the tiller. The tiller once tried to take me for a cross-country jaunt. I was not amused. Needless to say, the tiller work will be all Treebeard's :D

Stay tuned for garden updates as events warrant.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*now realizes it's prolly grrrls on tractors what make quicksand*

*likes the word, "qicksand" for some reason*

*thinks you prolly can't just say "quicksand" real. slow. like. you gotta blurtitoutrealfast cause it ain't "slow. sand." it'squicksand!!*

swamp4me said...

I could whip you up a batch of quicksand -- but first I'd have to find some sand. How 'bout some quickclay?