Quiz Time

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After a long winter it's nice to see leaves on trees again. So how did your ID skills fare over the cold and barren months? Can you identify these five trees based on their newly emerged leaves? (That first picture is probably the hardest one - unless you know your buds!)
They are all native to NC and occur naturally in the coastal plain.


Anonymous said...

Swampy-PawPaw, Ash, Tupelo, Wild Cherry and White Oak? I'm guessing without benefit of my tree guide. Happy Easter! Enjoy the day wtih Treebeard and that ole' girl, Hannah! Maineiac

swamp4me said...

You got the cherry and the white oak! Hope you have a Happy Easter as well. When do you head north?

Wayne said...

The first one is puzzling. I'd have thought buckeye except for the hairyness. Nice photograph!

Second one has a sumacky look to it.


Yup, last two cherry and oak. Couldn't have gotten to species though.

Nice puzzle!

Susan Rose said...

I guessed the oak. Wayne says the middle pic is sassafras, but I don't think so. Some sassafrass leaves are mitten-shaped, but they aren't pointed.

Have a blessed Easter.

swamp4me said...

Sassafras is correct, but the second one isn't any type of sumac.

Susan Rose,
Wayne is correct about the sassafras. Perhaps they look so pointed because they aren't fully mature leaves.

Wayne said...

The first one - when I saw it I immediately thought cycad, but surely you don't have coontie that far north. It looks to have elements of a palmate leaf.

I don't think it's Rhododendron, and surely you wouldn't put a Paulownia tomentosa up.

Anonymous said...

Swampy- NOw you've got me studying NC trees. My new guesses are Rhodo?, Butternut, Sassafras, cherry and white oak. Maineiac

Hugh said...

My best guesses are Mockernut Hickory, Devils-walkingstick, Sassafras, Black Cherry, and White Oak.

swamp4me said...

Good guesses all, but Hugh gets the gold star! He got them right from top to bottom.

You are absolutely right -- I would not put Paulownia up!

It is good that you are studying NC trees. One of these days you are going to have to come see us and you will need to know them ;)

The trees:
Mockernut hickory - Carya alba, Devil's-walkingstick - Aralia spinosa, Sassafras - Sassafras albidum, Black Cherry - Prunus serotina var. serotina, and White Oak - Quercus alba

Jenn said...

Choke cherry

Cindy Lee said...

Your site is an education, thanks.