She's a Good Old Dog

Treebeard and I wandered the property this morning and Hannah decided to come with us. She'll be 15 years old in May and she doesn't do much walking any more, preferring instead to doze on the porch or on her bed under the kitchen table. Perhaps the pleasant spring weather motivated her this morning...more likely it was the banana that Treebeard was eating and the apple that I was eating. The dog is crazy for fruit! Whatever the motivation, it was nice to have her along for our walk. We know we won't have her company for too much longer and she's such a good old dog.

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Pablo said...

Max will go with us to the woods in the winter when the bugs are hiding. I don't think we'll ever take Queequeg to the woods though. He's so small that an infestation of chiggers could be terrible for him. Plus, I'm convinced that we're being watched by foxes, bobcats, and coyotes when were' in the forest. A little 5 pound ball of fur might be too tempting to them.

swamp4me said...

True, Queequeg might be tempting to the predators out there -- but imagine the looks on their faces when they discovered he was 4 pounds of fur and only 1 pound of "dog." ;)

pushesrb said...

Awe! Hannah!! :)

swamp4me said...

Yep, she's still kickin'! The porch steps at the new house give her a little trouble but she takes it in stride.

Anonymous said...

Swampy- You mean you haven't had Treebeard build Hannah a ramp. My Dad did that for his lab in her later years. Cover it with shingles so she wouldn't slip.

swamp4me said...

We have considered a ramp but haven't decided on a design yet. For now she does okay as long as she takes her time.