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Never have I learned the fine art of keying out daddy longlegs (AKA harvestman). Sure, I know they belong to the order Opiliones, but beyond that I'm clueless as to genus and species.
Still, that doesn't stop me from appreciating the little beasties and their habits.
And NO! They are not venomous and yes, they can bite if they want to -- which they usually do not.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I never knew they could bite. We've always found them to be gentle. It's funny but they don't bother me like spiders do,.

woverman said...

I don't mind most spiders but I can't pick them up... however, this is the one exception!

Anonymous said...

Swampy- I love Daddy Long Legs. I have always found them to be gentle. Now I've again learned from you that they bite. Still won't give up enjoying them. I found a red-bellied snake in the garden yesterdah while raking and blowing leaves. I photo'd him and picked it up for further study. I'm proud of myself and thankful for you teaching me to explore my habitat.


swamp4me said...

They can bite but they seldom do. The reason I included that note is because there is a widespread misconception about daddy-longlegs. Just about every time I point one out on a hike someone will chime in with, "Those are the most venomous spiders there are, but they can't hurt you because they can't bite." Number one, they aren't spiders; two, they aren't venomous; and three, yes they are capable of biting.

Wonder why people who don't like spiders don't mind Opiliones -- they have the same number of legs!

Way to go! Isn't it grand to find such treasures right under your nose? It's funny, when you mentioned working in your garden I could almost hear a red squirrel chattering ;) Oh, any bats this year?